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Crossing the line

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Crossing the line

Postby Boats » 28 Mar 2012, 07:43

Originally posted by HT1 (Mark Glosson):

Only fitting that I should break in the Sea Story forum.

There we were, on the final voyage of the Mighty "Q". We had just turned the USS Nautilus over to the new tow ship and headed South from Rodman, Panama. We had spent weeks at sea and many of us were ready to become Shellbacks. Of course the Shellbacks aboard were looking forward to bringing us into the realm too. None more than HTC Dave Cash. I think of Dave fondly now but then he was the devil incarnate and my arch enemy. :twisted: Of all things to do he took my key to our storage room in the salvage hold. He did this because he had used it to store six cans of protein foam (that I scrounged for him) and all of the parts to a coffin.

Not to be done out of my precious access I took the time to go back to the storage cage and cut the heavy duty hasp off with my handy cutting torch. I then removed the six cans of foam, they were mine after all, and hid them in the middle of my twenty odd cans of new AFFF foam. I then welded the hasp back in place and passed the responsibility for painting over my burns to HT2 Jim Tintle when everything cooled down some time after 4 am. :lol:

The day of the crossing Dave headed down to check his stores and came looking for me, and any other WOG he could find, hopping mad. :x Not only had I snatched his foam, someone else stole his coffin. After a while I relented and gave him back the foam. It was much later that they found the coffin. It was hidden in the wardroom overhead. I think deck department had stolen it. :? ?? I have no idea how they got into the cage.

Dave is no longer the devil. I learned as I made Chief what he had been attempting to teach me. Hopefully some day he will check in here and we can have a good old chat.

Although mechanical problems prevented me becoming a shellback that trip I have crossed the line many times since then. I payed a much higher price when I was initiated because I was on an LST with Marines and a lot of non-skid deck to crawl on. :cry: No crossing meant as much as the attempt we made on that final voyage.

Enjoy the new site friends and let's get some sea stories in here. ;)

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